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L'Atelier du Verger, a family story ...

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

I have been the owner for 8 years now of my shop " l'Atelier du Verger " founded 20 years ago by my mother under the name of " La Maison Provençale ".

A cozy and family atmosphere, this is what has always guided our choices in the selection of items offered in the store.

By focusing on the well-being and the art of living in houses of yesteryear, over all these years we have won the loyalty of a clientele in search of quality, simplicity and that little extra that makes a welcoming space.

For 4 years now I have fallen into the pot of artisanal soap !

After having followed a professional soap maker training, I decided to create my range of soaps.

My inexhaustible ideas, my overflowing imagination but sometimes tiring for those around me have found there a favorable ground to develop, by mixing all the senses in a joyful soap adventure!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

As always, it is my whole family that I embarked in the bath of my creations ... my four children and my husband followed me in this realization which, little by little, took hold of the whole house. !

It was Juliette, my daughter, who imagined the simple and refined graphic line of my brand while Emmanuelle, Sébastien and Antoine printed, cut and glued the labels.

Memorable family brainstorming sessions gave names to the different soaps and a year after the start of the tests, my first creations found their place in the Friborg boutique.

The two rooms of our house devoted to manufacturing, drying and storage are soon no longer sufficient and we are recently in our new workshop in Avry-Bourg .

By the way, my sister-in-law Pascale, initiated in saponification, came to lend me a hand in order to ensure a growing production.

Florence, a neighbor and friend of the laboratory assistant, takes care of the production of balms, deodorants, lip sticks, etc ...

I cannot forget my husband Olivier, the first support who has always believed in my small business and who greatly contributes to the smooth running of the soap factory by managing all the administrative part.